Monday, July 16, 2007

I have a dick, and his name is Badang.

It's been a long time since i didn't update my blog. I'm really really sorry because i’ve been very very busy lately. Since there're millions of people out there that actually care, it is a must to apologise when i didn't update this blog. I really hope that my apology is accepted.

Again, i have to apologise because i cannot write much due to my tight schedule. I'm not only have a tight schedule, i also have a tight asshole. I'm not very sure about the asshole anyway, it just a wild guess. However, i'm gonna write down my schedule since everyone in this world must know about it or else, this world may come to an end.

My Tight Schedule

6.50am : Wake up
7.00am : Subuh prayer
7.01am : Nap
7.30am : Shower
7.50am : Go to work
8.50am : Breakfast
9.30am : Mengumpat
Then, i'm not so sure...
9.00pm : Watching TV
1.00am : Sleep

See? Now you can see how tight my schedule is, i hope you do understand that not updating my blog is never one of my intentions.

I also would like to take this opportunity to congratulate my friends who recently got married. Jaws and Assie, Tat and Shark, Alham and Che'ah, Martha and husband, Najua and Paul, Kei Kun and Kasha, Zul and Ain, Lenjan and wife, Cicak and Ain, Abe and wife. May happiness is always be with you (just so you know, it is impossible).

By the way, my title for this time has nothing to do with what i'm writing. It just that i'm kind of horny right now and i do think it is essential when writing a blog, you must let people know about your mood. Since i already mentioned about Badang, i will give a brief description so that my writing at least have something to do with my title. Badang is simply described as "Malay size only, but never underestimate his strength". End of story.

Allright then, i have to go back to my tight schedule. Thanks for you time.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

things that i've done that i'm not proud of

Well I have a lot actually, but not recently except this one. Why did I?

watching one tree hill !!

I had never watched One Tree Hill nor The OC in my university years.. Thought that was too much bullshit. Then I got stuck here in terengganu. Nothing much to do. So i download lot of movies and drama to watch during office hours. I start to give a chance for the OC. Which turned out not so bad. The way they developed the characters, their storylines and their ending are ok.
Then i'm getting soft. I gave a chance to another series, One Tree Hill. The first episode was sucks, but then i want to become a reasonable person especially in ramadhan. First episode may sucks, but maybe after a few episodes it becomes better and better. My bad. Big mistake. I was too soft. I wacthed until 16th episode (season 1). The characters were unbelievably sucks. The storylines are horrible. One Tree Hill is not just another piece of shit. Its like they struggled to make this series the shittest series ever.
In the 16th episode, Hailey wants so bad to go to Sheryl Crow's concert but couldnt get a ticket but at the end, Sheryl Crow coencidently came to the cafe where Hailey works for a cup of coffee. Then when Sheryl Crow asked for the bill, Hailey took the bill and requested for a song in return. Someone please tell me why I'm not suprised when Sheryl Crow did give a shit. She did sang a song for a cup of coffee. I just couldnt believe how could I manage to watch to those craps. By the time I realized it, I immediately deleted all the files, uninstalled BitComet and formated my computer.
Now I'm thinking of buying a new hard drive and burn the old one. Should I?

Monday, September 11, 2006

FORWARD: Send this to 10 people and you get blessed!!

I just get this message from a friend of mine. And yes, from a muslim..

Your sentiment is ur love,
your love is ur heart,
your heart is ur spouse,
your spouse is ur future,
your future is ur destiny,
your destiny is ambition,
your ambition is ur aspiration,
your aspiration is ur motivation,
your motivation is ur believe,
your believe is ur peace,
your peace is ur target,
your target is heaven,
heaven is like hell without FRIENDS..

Oh yeah?? Is hell like heaven if your FRIENDS around? Fuck you. You dont just forward a message. You read before you forward to other people. How can a heaven will ever be like hell? You dont need friends in heaven you moron. For me, this is an insult to heaven. An insult to the Creator who makes heaven and hell.

But Amy, thats just a metaphor. Yeah? I dont care if it just a metaphor shit. Never ever forward that kind of message/mail to me again. It just pissed me off and show me how stupid you are.

Monday, August 28, 2006


ON 2 SEPT 06 ??
That's right. Nothing is more important on this saturday (2 Sept 06) than my bestfriend's wedding. Yes. When its important to me, its important to everyone else and it makes your plans are less important. Going for a movie or date with your girlfriend is far from important. Here are the details.
Who : Mazlizan Fitri (aka maiden or maiden jahat) and Nurul Faeza
When : saturday, 2 september 2006, 12noon - 5pm
Where : no22, jalan pandan6/4, pandan jaya, KL.
For those who feel like uninvited because you dont get a card, fuck you. When you read this or you heard from someone else about this wedding, you are automatically invited. Not invited by me of course, by the groom himself, Mr. Mazlizan Fitri. For those who cant make it because you cant find a friend to come with, pity you. Hell, come alone. There is no excuse for not coming.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

getleman is full of shit

being a gentleman is being a bullshit.. women always looking for gentlemen.. the same reason they always get themselves a bullshit partner.. they only have themselves to blame.. man who practices the code of gentleman is a man who try to impress his woman by not being himself.. and woman who falls to this kind of man is a moron.. unless she is looking for an asshole..

open car door for the lady
this is so damn lame.. this traditional skill is still practiced until today.. and yet, some women still find this romantic or whatsoever and the next thing they know, they're in bed.. why the hell a man has to open the door for woman (physical disabality is exceptional).. not only its not practical, it also encourage laziness.. believe me, the last thing you want is a lazy useless wife..

"ladies first"
another thing that annoys me for so many years.. if you are not my mom, then forget it.. this world has been poluted by the tought of a man has to respect a woman when woman doesn't have to.. this is not just another special treatment to a woman, this is so sexist..
pull the chair
unless if you mean to make she falls down so then you can laugh, dont pull the chair for your woman.. i had seen a man did this in a restaurant and he ends up die alone (i killed his girlfriend)..

not hitting a woman no matter what
this only for a fag.. you dont want to hit a woman no matter what is either you are a fag or you left your dick in your mom's belly when you were born.. dont be a pussy.. dont let any bitches get in your way.. hit them hard.. so that they know you mean business.. and you don't give a shit about gender.. besides, get into fight with woman is easier to win..

Sunday, July 16, 2006

encik zainudin

Monday, July 03, 2006

Teman Sejati

last week i got myself to so called perkampungan hadhari.. got some performances from nasyid bands such as Brothers, Saujana, Nowseeheart etc.. i also met contestant from Akademi Al-Quran which i dont give a shit until i saw farrah adeeba.. and i can tell she's checking on me..

anyway, what tickled me was when Brothers performed "teman sejati".. oh really? teman sejati? so what happened to your group? where's your 'teman sejati'? i just can't wait and wondering myself.. so what i did, i went to the backstage and met the Brothers..

aku : hey you, teman sejati guy.. what happened to your group? where's your 'teman sejati'? how come now you only got three of you??

Brothers : erk.. ermm.. well..

Yassin : wa sini.. wa sini..

aku : what the hell..? Yassin? look who's here.. so, how did you feel when you left Brothers? you know, 'teman sejati'...

Yassin : berkobar-kobar~~

aku : wow, that sounds pretty much like you.. fuck you..

Yassin : i'm sorry amy.. i'm just being me.. hypocrite..

yeahh.. like i gives a shit..
by the way, as always, nowseeheart rules.. and portugal also.. but eriksson, he is such a cry baby.. somebody please changes his diaper..